Brilliant News!

We have been donated a mobile food unit from 3 Brothers from Bedford, who had heard we wanted to start a street food co-operative with another charity in Bedford; where we will be able to offer hot meals to any person who presents themselves as street homeless or unable to afford the cost of a meal.

We want to open this up on a Monday to Thursday basis and then on Friday and Saturday night where we will be serving Caribbean street food

This is a huge financial donation that I know we at Samsons Academy Charity Bedford can only say an almighty thank you to the three brothers who have asked to remain anonymous. They have also pledged to carry out fund raising so that we can work alongside them in providing Mela meals around Bedfordshire.

This incentive will be staffed by people who are ex-offenders, have been street homeless, or have been socially isolated but want to gain employment in the catering industry and make some form of reparation and atonement.

We’ve been given this wonderful opportunity to actually make a difference in peoples lives. So please try and support this new venture where you can.

The Caribbean food will be prepared by a highly competent and professional chef and you will find its better than any takeaway that currently serves this style of food in Bedford!

Bringing Bedfordshire Together 2019!

For more information please contact Dorian Alexis via the Academy details below.